How to win friends & influence people by Dale Carnegie one of the best books I have ever bought for my self-growth. I did not know it before but one day I completed my Competent Communicator manual ( CC- 10 ) in Toastmasters then they were giving us a $20 gift certificate at Chapters.

The following week, I went to the store and start looking for a book but I did not have something specific in mind. Then I saw the book entitled: ” How to Win Friends & Influence People. ” That must be a good book  I said to myself after reading some testimonials as well.  It was the best investment I have made for a book on self-improvement.

Dale Carnegie himself came to the fact that the biggest problem, especially in business, is dealing with people. He decided to read and do research about it and that is the way the book came about but they were not expecting such a huge success.

The book became almost a success overnight they were blown away.

Part one 

Fundamental Techniques in Handling People ” is important in that he gives you some techniques but you need to apply yourself. To read a chapter and apply it and then you continue however you can still read again and again.

Part Two

Six Ways to Make People Like You ”  again it is the same thing, you read and apply. Sometimes, you are not sure about the result but give it a try.

Part Three
How to Win People to Your Way of Thinking ” Very interesting suggestion that we don’t realize that you can apply.

Part Four

Be a Leader: How to Change People Without Giving Offense or Arousing Resentment “
It is a topic which is arising all the time in our personal and business relationships and good to know.

To conclude, this is why it is so crucial to learning to make friends instead of enemies because it makes your life more enjoyable and successful. As for myself, it is much easier to speak to people and find a way to get along instead of arguing with them.

I hope you are going to enjoy it as much as I did and still do. A MUST read the book if you want to have a better relationship in your life and in business.

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