Nowadays, more people are taking photos on a daily basis. Sometimes people don’t know where to put the subject in the picture they are taking.

They see something and take it without asking themselves if the subject is at the right spot, meaning they don’t think about having the right composition or effect.

Here are some tips:

1 – Do You have a Clear Subject?

If you go to a family gathering try to take general pictures of large groups.
Then you zone in on some people and create groups of two or three persons.
Make sure that the subject is clear and the persons can recognize themselves.

The subject is clear!

2 – Be Selective

If you have more than one subject make sure they are all included in the photo or you can narrow down and shoot one person. The focal point is crucial because it draws the eye. Also, you take  2 or 3 images with their own subject so they can identify themselves on the photo.

3 – Remove Clutter

Composition is the worse enemy of any subject in a picture. The subject should never have to compete for more attention in a photo. If something is cluttering the image that means your eye doesn’t know where to look in the image, this is cluttering.  What is the story you want to tell?

Where is the subject? Difficult to know! Busy!

Look carefully in your viewfinder or at the LCD screen and see if you have so many subjects so you can change the angle or you can crop the image on your computer but I prefer to do it on my camera If I can.

4 – Get In Closer

If you want to have the subject stand out and see it bigger get closer. What you can do is to take the whole body or the upper body of the person if it is better than the whole. Also, it is easier to see when looking at it.

One subject!                                                                                                                                                                                               5 – Choose Carefully To Place Subject

The rule of thirds where the subject should be placed is called the focus point and slightly off the centre of the image. Why? The image is more pleasing to look at because the eye is drawn to those points in the image. Try this and you’ll see for yourself.

I am the cutest!

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Happy Shooting!

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