One morning,  I had a message from a lady telling me that they could not see my blog, I was puzzled and surprised at the same time. What’s going on I said to myself! Then I checked my link right away and I could see nothing, except Oops! Message!

This the message you don’t want to see.

At first, I thought that It was only me in our group so I posted a message and few of my friends had the same problem so obviously there was something going on with the system. Our coach who is taking care of our system and wordpress told us that our wordpress has been attacked.

They could recuperate some of our data but not everything. That means I lost few blog posts that I was very proud of. Although I could write them again the problem is that I wrote directly on wordpress without saving them on OneNote as I used to!

Why? You might say I wanted to save time since I was writing every day so I skipped that crucial step!!!!!! But I could save 2 of them because I copied and pasted on the Linkedin pulse so It is independent of wordpress, thanks God.

I am human, not perfect and I am glad, because, I can make more mistakes, learn from them and be a better person. As of today,  I take the time to write on OneNote and copy on wordpress, at the end, It is faster and time-saving!

” Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence ”  — Vince Lombardi —  Football player & coach

This is my lesson for today!   Have a good day!

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