What I like the most about photography, today is that you take pictures with many different cameras even cell phones, and there is no restriction in the digital era.

Also, I like to take pictures and see them right away so you take as many as you want until you have the right pic. Today I would like to share some pics that I called FRESCO, they are pics from a wall and they are beautiful to look at, however, you can take some parts of it not necessarily the whole picture because it belongs to another person.

From a store wall on Pointe-Claire, Montreal illustrating the history of the City!
Pointe-Claire store of the epoch!
NDG, Montreal. A colourful lady on the wall!
Legs only!

To me, it is a way to see the world through people’s eyes and share its beauties!

Have a wonderful day!

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Gaétane Ferland

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