I don’t know about you, in the morning I have my routine even on my day off. It is always good to keep a routine on your day off because it keeps you in shape and you don’t have to ask yourself what to do. Also your body, mind, and spirit like it.

Have you ever noticed when your morning starts in a rushing mode – your alarm did not wake you up, skipping breakfast because you are in a hurry, and running yourself out the door—the rest of your day seems to be shaped like chaos. This is why it is important to plan your days off as well.

1 . Stay away from your electric devices

As we know it is easy to jump on your cell phone or computer right away when you wake up. Even myself  I decide not to take my emails and especially on Facebook when you start you can be 1 or 2 hours easily without noticing the time. And you did nothing for yourself or your business.

I take the time to breathe and relax and think about what I would like to do and focus on this present moment and stay away from the technology for an hour.

2 . Hydrate & Gratitude Moment

Drinking a glass of water in the morning is a good way to hydrate your body. Also, you can add some lemon in a glass of warm water helps to eliminate toxins accumulated in your body. Before getting up, give yourself few minutes to smile and practice gratitude.

When you smile, think about what you are grateful for, it signals your brain to release those happy feelings from dopamine and endorphins, it slows down the stress and lifts up your mood for the day.

3. Exercise + Meditation

It could be a simple yoga routine, a walk with your dog, push-ups, swimming, and the gym whatever suits you. It does not have to be complicated and it keeps the blood flowing and give oxygen to the brain and quiets your mind.

Without a doubt, take the time to do 5 to 15 minutes of meditation it will help you to clarify your thoughts and think about what you want.

4 . Morning Routine + Eat Breakfast

Washing your face, shower, choose the right clothing in the morning or the night before helps you to feel good about yourself and increase self-confidence.

Eating a healthy breakfast ( healthy fats, lean proteins, and whole grains, and fruits) helps you to start your day on the right foot, it is the most important meal of the day. You will have more energy and more concentration.

5 . Keep a ” Power List ” ready for the day

You can take time to do it the night before or in the morning ( few minutes ) and prioritize your list. You can have 3 to 5 items that will move your business throughout your goals and it will help you to keep track and be more efficient and will have a sense of accomplishment.

6.  Get Enough Sleep

Although this habit involves the night routine it has an influence on your morning habits. It is good to have a good night restful sleep because during your sleep the body is still working and repairing it for better health and as well as your brain which will be able to think clearer.

The amount of sleep varies from one person to another,  it could be between 6 to 8 hours of sleep every night. It allows starting a new day fresh and ready to learn.

To conclude, having daily habits helps you to keep the focus on what you have to do, stay on track and be more productive. Having a community that helps you to keep you accountable in your business so that you will be the best of yourself.


To your health!

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