There are several ways to start an online business. You could do freelance work online, be an Amazon reseller, an affiliate marketer, or a distributor in the networking industry. Sometimes, it is not easy to decide which one to choose.

All of these have pros and cons, but I recommend being a distributor in the networking industry.

Here are a few reasons why:

1. Low cost to get started

Unlike regular franchises, there is a low cost to start them, so you have less risk.

2. Small learning curve

Also, you can learn at your own pace and not be rushed; you make your decisions.

3. Product research and development is handled by the supplier

This is a huge component here; ensure you study the company before getting involved. This is a must because they do for you.

4. Shipping and fulfillment are handled by the supplier

You make your order, and everything is shipped to your house and customers.

5. You can earn residual income

This is an important aspect. It is like singers and writers get royalties on the work they have done the previous years, and so is Networking Industry.

6. You get to meet and work with some great people

Of course, you meet great wonderful people and have fun.

7. Most companies have great incentive plans

Last but not least, most companies have great incentive plans which can allow you to get ahead faster and be willing to do more.

Ultimately, whatever business you choose is to be happy with it and comfortable with the pros and cons of the business you have chosen.

To your business,

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