I have been hesitating a few months before I finally convinced myself that it was worth my online business. My goal to write a blog was to be able to get better at writing but also be more knowledgeable in my expertise. That is why I wanted to have a blog and be able to share my passion for my online business and more!

Moreover, to have a platform where I can give Information about the opportunity and pass it on to my team and new business partners. Consequently, help people and meet new friends along the way who share the same mindset, want to own their own online business, and willing to get ahead in life and have fun doing it.

The blog is an excellent source of Information and sharing platform that belongs to you, It is not like Fb and other Social media and to be more connected with like-minded people. Most importantly learning from each other and share our knowledge.

In a nutshell,  I like sharing with people and my team and most of all, I meet with a group of entrepreneurs where we can share and learn from each other.

Also, you can be with all entrepreneurs in all fields and share our expertise with others. In addition, we have sponsored young people and teach them to be entrepreneurs it is priceless in my opinion.

Next week, we are going to have a 5 -Day complimentary challenge that will start on Mon. Aug. 24, 2020, at 11:00 EDT everyone can attend if you want to have extra knowledge, advancement in your business that you find outside of your company.

In conclusion, what is important to me is to leave a legacy behind when I will leave this planet and have helped many people.

Feel free to comment and share and ask questions regarding the challenge

Here is the link to register for the challenge:

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day,

Gaétane Ferland

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