We always wonder why drinking water is so essential for us. As you know, you have 60-80% of water in your body. And especially in the Summer, It is more critical because of the heat factor encounter in many countries.

s why consuming plenty of water is critical to keep your body working. If you don’t have enough,  your body sends some signs, and you must do something about it.



Our body has to use liquid t function and n,eeds other essential minerals such as potassium and sodium that are in the bloodstream. If you don’t drink enough, your body tries to keep itself in balance by reacting and triggering a headache.

I used to get a headache in the Summer and did not know why until I discovered that It was because,
I was not drinking enough water. Ever since, I drink a lot of water and add an electrolyte balancer and don’t have a headache any, bringing you lessssd flow drops and brings ymakinging amount of oxygen in your system and makes you more fatigued and sleepy.


Your blood vessels are moving less waste resulting in constipation and not enough water.

3 . DIZZINESS in the standing position

The blood volume and pressure drop and make you dizzy. It is a sign of dehydration when you get up quickly and feel a rush of lightheadedness. 
Be careful. If you take blood pressure medication It can make it worse.


A sign of dehydration which is obvious is the colour of your urine. This means that you don’t have enough water in your body. Your body retains what is necessary, however, If you drink more your urine will be a light yellow and will flush out the waste from your body.

5 . MUSCLES  Cramping + DRY Mouth

When you feel thirsty It is already too late, you are dehydrated, your mouth is dry and your tongue is thicker. Don’t wait to be thirsty to drink. Grab a glass of water and drink! Muscle cramps are also a sign that people don’t drink enough.

To conclude, drink even If you are not thirsty, regularly is the best, have a glass close to you or a bottle so you can see it. Mark a note or an alarm if needed to remind you.

If you have any questions or comments, you can contact me.

Have a wonderful hydrated summer!

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