Since 2009 I was looking for a business that I could do from my home. I came across a few companies in the health & wellness industry but I did not like the way I was doing it, chasing people, a ton of phone calls and bogging them when they did not want to hear from me. That was my first step in trying to find something different.

I began to focus on a business that I could find which would be from home, I look at the newspapers in classified sections and on Facebook ads that I could find on the subject. After 2 years of searching, I found an ad on Facebook and decided to give it a try. The lady called me after receiving my kit and wanted me to order right away, I said:  what! I need to look more in detail at the company, I had no clue and no relationship with her.

What I did not like was not the company but the way I was approached by a pushing method and I did not like it because I didn’t have a chance to build a relationship with the person, she wanted to sell me the products period.

Meanwhile, I found an ad in a local newspaper and decided to call the lady so she told me to fill out the form and she will call me back. This is where my adventure started in network marketing. I finally found a company with a system that allows me to work from home. Also, I never found anything like this before.

In addition, during the pandemic, I was looking for a way to find more leads online. Then I found a community of entrepreneurs on Social Media that had changed my life and the way I was doing the business.

Also, I would like to share with you why I like working from home.

1 –  You’re your own boss.

You are not working for somebody else and you don’t make your boss wealthy, you work for yourself. That was one of the benefits that I like about being my own boss and having no boss to stifle the desire to express myself. To me It’s priceless!

2 – You decide WHAT you want for your Income.

You can choose how much I want to earn, for instance, $100,000 a year or 2 million If I want,  nobody else puts a limit on my revenue. We are limiting ourselves accordingly.

3 – Choose WHEN you want to work.

When you work for somebody else they choose the time you have to work and If you have children it might be different to deal with a strict schedule. Sometimes you can’t go away on your children’s days off, and It is very limiting.

4 – You determine WHOM you work with.

When you work for somebody else you don’t choose your co-workers right, the company chooses who is going to work with you. Also, It is not always easy to adapt to all characters in your department.  As an entrepreneur, you will decide whom you want to work with, this is your choice.

5 – You choose your place of work.

That is why I like working where I want, taking my laptop on vacation and doing my work on the beach if I wanted. This opportunity can allow you to do just that. Moreover, you can get up and go to your office on the other side of the house, no commuter train, cars or buses are needed especially in winter. You save on gas and so on. You have the freedom.

6 – Tax Advantages.

Most people have to pay taxes for the government, this is an obligation but when you have a business you can save thousands in taxes that they allow you as a business even in your first year.

7 – Freedom in your life.

What I like about being an entrepreneur, I have the freedom of CHOICE in my business. To me, It is very important to have the power in your lives and decide what you want to do when you want, not according to other people or company.

To conclude, this is exactly what I found for myself, a business that can bring me anywhere I want to go and
when I want to and will bring me to financial freedom which is what you are looking for.

Being able to do the work on your term. Lately, I started to learn a new life skill that can create generational wealth for my family.

Let me know if you want to know more, I can give you access to this free training for 2 months up to April 1
that can change your life.

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