Why am I my best customer? I heard that someone who wanted to sell his products and not really used them. It is impossible to sell a product or services if we don’t use them first.

Why should I buy this shampoo instead of a different brand? You need to tell me the benefits and why you love it so much then I can make a decision to buy it or not.

1- Use of the products or services

First of all, we have to use the products of our company, financial, massage, Avon, Melaleuca, and any others such as Pharmacy Products etc. We need to be comfortable with the product and know how to use it ourselves. Because, we are our best customers, we don’t want to buy from our competitors.

For instance, I am going to use beauty products from the pharmacy that I am working with and I love them, otherwise, we buy from the competitors.

Although, it is a bit different from buying in a pharmacy because it isn’t your business so that you may want to buy some of the products somewhere else. We buy from our store or services first it is a normal thing to do so.

2- Confidence in our products

This is quite obvious I would say. We gain confidence in the products or services and you can talk about them that helps us to acquire the necessary confidence to be able to talk about our experiences with the products.

By learning about the products it helps to build up our confidence in the products or services otherwise nobody will want to buy from us If we don’t have that confidence.

3- Share our results

When we love the products and have positive results with them it is much easier to share with other people. Otherwise, how can we tell people that our products are so good for back pain, for instance, If we don’t show our enthusiasm and conviction?

To conclude, buy, use, know, and share all about your great products or services. We always want to buy from somebody that we know because we trust the person that we are dealing with.

Please, I would love to hear from you and ask questions!

Have a wonderful week,