In today’s world, we are aware that some cleaning products can be harmful to our health and potentially toxic. Some of them contain phosphates, nitrates, chlorine bleach, ammonia, or formaldehyde they produce fumes and can be very toxic to our planet and family.

At the Norway University of Bergen, some people were using cleaning sprays regularly for 20 years and they found that people had a lung function decrease similar to smokers taking 20 cigarettes a day.

It is a good reason to start changing products brands to more natural green alternatives. Also, it is important to save our planet and ensure a better future for the next generation so that children can live in a better clean world.

Why choose green cleaning?

It is a way that we can protect our planet, the environment, and our health without harmful chemicals, and the products are concentrated and we can use them for a few purposes so we cut back on packages and waste. Also, we can have products for laundry, dishwashing, hardwood floors, etc., and more.

Do green products actually work?

Green products cleaners were a while back and still, today consider good cleaners by our grandparents such as baking soda, vinegar, and lemons they were and are considered efficient. Natural products don’t mean delicate.

A green cleaner can be tough on grime and gentle on the planet. In addition, clean does not have a smell, all chemical products have sometimes a strong scent which doesn’t mean clean.

To conclude, If you think about protecting the environment and your family, you may start looking for a more natural way of cleaning your house in a safe way for everyone and increase your overall health.

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