Thai Chicken Crunch Salad!

Category: Healthy Nutrition

How about a chicken recipe on these Winter days. Don,t forget to modify to your taste It is not in cement. Enjoy this new recipe from Naturally Shaklee! Makes 4 […]

How To Combat Dehydration!

Category: Healthy lifestyle

It is very important to know if we are well hydrated especially in the summer and anytime. If your urine is a dark orange that means you don’t drink enough. […]

Mango Chutney Salmon!

Category: Healthy Nutrition

It is a great recipe from It is always good to try new recipes and change some ingredients if needed so we can make it ours. Ingredients 2 red […]

How Do You Handle Objections?

Category: Marketing Tips

How do we handle objections in Network Marketing! This is common even in our life, we encounter objections, family, friends, at work, and of course in business. By the way, […]

Classic Chili

Category: Healthy Nutrition

In the Winter I like to eat warm dishes because it’s comforting.  Sometimes I made some changes such as removing the meat and replacing with green lentils instead, it is up […]

The 4 Mental States!

Category: Marketing Tips

When we start a business we need to be in a mental state that you need to achieve your goals, something that I learned from our mentors in my business. […]