Why does salt matter?

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Did you ever wonder how much salt is tucked away in our everyday meals without us even noticing? Despite being essential for our body’s function, too much salt can lead […]

3 Reasons a Sports Drink is a Must on a Hot Day

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Are you taking a sports drink in the summer on a hot day? Hydration is crucial on a hot and humid day. Here is an article on the subject:https://gaetane.yourwellnessproject.com/member/discover/article/3-reasons-a-sports-drink-is-a-must-on-a-hot-day?source=share Please, […]

Are you sleeping well?

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In our daily hectic life, we don’t always sleep well and have some difficulty getting enough sleep. Here are 15 restful sleep tips to help you. Also, add your own […]

Quick And Easy Dip!

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I love to try new dips that I can use in different dishes, but I also like to add my own touch, and so can you. Ingredients: 3 Roasted Red […]

Potato Canapés!

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I don’t know. I like to try new recipes and make changes. It is good to incorporate new fruits or vegetables into your daily meals. I hope you enjoy it! […]

Build Relationship Marketing!

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A business is only as good as the clients it serves. Even with the best products and best business practices, you still need to build a solid and lasting relationship […]