Gratitude is something that you don’t think about as often as a part of our daily routine and I am including myself before I was complaining a lot instead of being thankful for I had.

Today, I would like you to think about what you are grateful for in your daily life. Myself I like to write a journal in the morning for what I am thankful for and sometimes at night as well.

1 . I am grateful for being alive and enjoy the day with my family and friends.

2 . I am grateful for my body because I am able to do whatever I want during the day.

3 . I am grateful for my house because I keep warm & have a roof to stay.

4 . I am grateful for my family and friends because they are always there for me and they love me.

5 . I am grateful for all the money that I have been given throughout my life.

6 . I am grateful for my computer and phone because they allow you to work and keep touch base with family, friends, and clients.

7 . I am grateful for my cat,  Jasmine because she brightens my day with her unconditional love.

8 . I am grateful for the music around us, composers, and singers because they warm up our hearts and lives.

9 . I am grateful for the government, and all people working at all levels including at the city level because they can offer services to make our life easier.

10 . I am grateful for my intelligence that I have been given and all my talents that I can share with the world.

Read more here to know how you can do it for yourself.

Please, I would like to hear from you and ask me a question.

I hope I have cheered you up & have a wonderfully blessed day!