How do we handle objections in Network Marketing! This is common even in our life, we encounter objections, family, friends, work, and of course in business.

By the way, we all have objections because it shows us that you have the ability to think and sort things out and it is perfectly normal. However, in business, it can be more difficult to handle them.

What is crucial is to listen to your prospect and put yourself in their shoes so that you understand better their point of view.

Some tips to consider:

1. Listen

Listen to what the person has to say and watch for clues that you can remember or write them down and don’t jump to the conclusion.

2. Repeat the question

Repeat the question back to the prospect. This is a way to make sure you understood the person and makes them reflect as well.

3. Think about what they say

Make sure you understood their view, what are they really saying? We need to clarify the underlying point.

4.  Respond to the objection

Give the answer with the best ability and be honest so the person may likely understand and agree or not, this is their choice.

5. Get back with the prospect

Check with the person If they comprehend, sometimes it is a lack of knowledge on the subject. We have to know if they grasped what we said and for us as well.

6.  Redirect the conversation

We need to ask open questions not only with yes and no so that I hear clearly.  Also, it makes them elaborate more on their answer and it brings a better understanding of us.

I do remember one of my first prospects that I asked one question only and I was out. It was a man in his thirties owning a restaurant close to my place, I will never forget.

I was having some butterflies in my stomach and scared to ask a question. I have always been direct when I speak but in this case, it was not a good idea either it was a disaster.

So here it is: ” Do you have children? “ And It was the first time I was approaching him at his restaurant counter. He said: ” I am not answering that question ” and left!

I can tell you I learned a lot about that first time and never forgotten. My coach at the time told me that it was not quite the way to ask a question and she showed me how to say it. It helped!

What you need to learn about the prospect is:

Be grateful

Be grateful for them and say thank you for their questions and concerns. It gives you the chance to have a conversation with them.


Being empathic is a good way to connect with the person. For instance, you can say: ” I know how you feel, I felt the same way but I realize……”
They will be more open to elaborate on the question.

Understand the underlying

I think that it is the most difficult part to do! Keep listening or if you get stuck ask ” why? ” they likely will agree to continue their story.

Ask, Investigate, confirm

For more results, continue asking open questions it helps to go deeper and clarify some aspects of the statement. To finalize, restate the question for a better understanding.

Last but not least, show value & references from others

That they decide to join you or not, it is up to them don’t expect that everybody will work with you. 
Very often, you have a lot of expectations which is not so good, you need to be detached from the outcome and let them go as necessary.

In the community that I belong to they teach you about approaching people and how to address objections.
This is a skill that you need to master as an entrepreneur.

To learn more about the community!


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