In our daily hectic life, we don’t always sleep well and have some difficulty getting enough sleep.

Here are 15 restful sleep tips to help you. Also, add your own tips.

1. Set a bedtime – Pick an hour for shutting down every night and stick to it—on weekends too. Your body needs routine.

2. Take a bath – The Sandman comes when the body’s temperature drops.

3. Black Out- TVs, computers, and even hallway lights should be switched off position until you’ve landed safely on the other side of the morning.

4. Drown Out Noise – Sleep with a fan on or invest in a sound machine that can produce white noise to block the racket of the outside world.

5. Be Cool – A colder bedroom means your body will function at calmer, more restful speeds.

6. Eat Light – A light dinner about two hours before bedtime can help you sleep more soundly.

7. Stay Calm – When sleeplessness strikes, don’t freak out—that will only delay the process further. Give yourself a break.

8. Pillows – Make sure that your pillows are supportive, comfortable, and suited to your sleeping position tendencies.

9. Avoid Caffeine – make it a rule that no caffeine touches your lips after sundown.

10. Just Breathe – Stop concentrating on the laundry list of concerns in your head and focus on your breath. Deep and slow or short and shallow, the sound of your inhales and exhales can be a lullaby to soothe you into slumber.

In conclusion, find the best way for you and your family to make sure they get a good night’s sleep.

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To your health!

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