Fall is one of my favourite seasons in Canada because of the changing colours of the leaves that become yellow and red. Every year is the same; however, I always love to look at the splendour that Fall beauty brings to us and any of the seasons, like spring right now.

I would like to share some tips or ideas on what to photograph in the Fall. Here in Canada, especially on the East coast, we have the chance to have birches and maple trees, which change colour in the Fall; this is the beauty of it. In the spring, you can look at all flowers coming out, such as ornamental crabapple, which I love to take pictures of; tulips in masses are great if you like them.

Although we may not have that in your country, whatever you have, such as mountains, sea, people, canyons etc. Each country has something beautiful to look at; you need to take the time to discover its beauty and make it work for you.

Remember that what is essential is to take the pictures you like to take, not others.

1 – Halloween might be a good subject, or any others.

You take the whole subject!
Then you do a close-up. It is nice to compare the two!
Foliage on a fence!
Leaves on the ground and objects
Foliage reflection on the water!
Love to do that. Some people don’t! It is fine.
People passing by with colourful clothes make a nice reflection!

Look around; you may find something exciting to take a picture of. If you have an interest and like photography, you’re on board. The most important is to enjoy yourself and what you are doing!

Enjoy the spring and fall at their best,

Please, I would love to hear from you,


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